Canada does adulthood

Will you tell me why

a government with power

to create money

should give that power away

to a private monopoly

and then borrow

that which Parliament

can create itself

back at interest

to the point

of national bankruptcy?

Graham Towers

the first Governor

of the Bank of Canada


If Parliament wants to change

the form of operating

the banking system

then certainly that is within

the power of Parliament

Our sovereign has demonstrated

a preference for private investors

In doing so our sovereign

has permitted Parliament

to commit extortion

and racketeering

Extortion is committed

when the penalty

for not paying income tax

includes fines and jail time

when Parliament

could create money

rather than borrowing

at interest

negating the need

for income tax

Racketeering is committed

when intimidation and fraud

are present

There is no court

that binds contracts

which were gained

through extortion

and racketeering

The people of Canada


are not liable for sovereign debt

incurred through extortion

and racketeering by Parliament


The graph and auditor general's remarks

informs us that 91% of our federal budget

is interest paid out

for previously borrowed money

The 'flip side' of the 91% being interest

is that when we walk away

from our sovereign debt

due to the debt being incurred

through extortion and racketeering

our budget will be 91% SMALLER

Without changing anything else

our taxes will be reduced by 91%

The uprising of 2023

is the uprising we will feel

when our debt burden is lifted

It is a new day

for the people of Canada

to begin anew

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