Begin Anew

Ownership of that which nature provides

is not possible due to the fact

that there is no chain of contracts

leading to an original contract

with the creator of nature itself

Various religious ideologies

claim rights given by the creator

We must conclude that such claims

are subjective as they require

a personal belief in the claims made

There is no objective proof

therefore no religious ideology

represents the creator of all

that nature provides

We may not claim to 'own'

that which nature provides


We may claim 'exclusive use'

It is this 'exclusive use'

that we buy sell or trade

When a group of people join together

and declare 'exclusive use'

of a geographic area

we call the area

a 'country' or a 'state'

Presently there are a few 'countries/states'

where the ruler claims exclusive use

for themselves

It is more common that 'exclusive use'

of a 'country/state' is shared

by the peoples of the 'country/state'

People of a 'country/state' contract

for 'exclusive use' of a portion

of that which nature provides

In doing so the other people

of the 'country/state'

are deprived of the use of that portion

of 'shared exclusive use'

Therefore 'individual exclusive use'

requires that the people of the 'county/state'

are compensated for their loss of a particular

portion of that which nature provides

'Fees' paid for the extraction

of natural resources

is an example of compensation

paid for loss of exclusive use

by 'everyone'

or the amount paid

to the 'country/state'

for land to be developed

for the exclusive use

of the developer/owner(s)

The situation in Canada

is that the First Nations

signed 'treaties' under duress

forfeiting their rights

of exclusive use

of their tribal territories

'Under duress'

renders the treaties

null and void

Meaning 'that which nature provides'

within 'Canada'

resides within

'exclusive use' territories

of the First Nations

as decreed

by the highest Canadian

and International courts

The non First Nations people

and the First Nations people

will negotiate the terms of sharing

First Nations Territories

The negotiations will be difficult

and may take several generations

to come to fruition

The people of Canada wish

to live in a country

where fair play and justice reign